Increase the Chances of Survival with Leading AED Brands

The sudden cardiac arrest is one of the leading causes of death. It can happen at any time, to
anyone, of any age. In cardiac arrest, the patient should be provided necessary care to keep the
heart and brain of the patient alive, until the definitive care arrives. AED, commonly known as
Automated External Defibrillator can provide the persons best possible chance to survive. AED
is a portable device that is used to deliver an electric shock to a person. This electric shock
prevents abnormal electrical impulses in the heart and helps it to beat normal. The studies
suggest that without AED, only 2.5% of victims are able to survive. But using the AED can
increase the victim’s chance of survival to almost 80%. You can get an AED from the leading
AED brands which are feasible to be used at home or workplace. Many cardiologists also
advise their patients to always carry an AED with them.


Advantages of Carrying an AED
  •  AED can increase the chances of survival because it can be used before emergency medical services arrive. With the help of AED, the chances of survival could be increased by 75%.
  • AED devices are fully automated and portable. They are designed to give shocks automatically. In case emergency medical services are not available, a shock button could be pressed on an AED to provide electric shock automatically.
  • AED has a proven track record of helping patients in the public as well in workplace conditions.
  • It is often confused that sudden cardiac arrest happens to the elderly. This is not the case. A sudden Cardiac arrest can happen to anyone regardless the age, profession or location. You can provide necessary help to the patient with the help of AED when emergency medical care is not around.

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