Provide Necessary Help in Case of Emergencies with Philips AED Trainer

The reports suggest that 890 deaths in the United States occur from sudden cardiac arrest. Cardiac Arrest is the leading cause of deaths affecting nearly 10,000 individuals each year. The life of many individuals could be saved if Automated External Defibrillator (AED) were available.  AED is a computerized device that is used to analyze the heart rhythm of the person and delivers a defibrillation shock if necessary. With the advancements in the science and technology, AED’s have become relatively safe, lighter and portable.

What is Phillips AED Trainer?

Phillips AED Trainer is a cost-effective and realistic solution that can prepare individuals to operate an AED in case of a cardiac emergency. These trainers ensure that you are ready to use AED when you need it the most.  This device is designed to prepare the responders to use AED in the emergency conditions.  You can practice the basic skills necessary to use the defibrillator in an emergency. It provides stimulated shock delivery.

Impressive Features of Phillips AED Trainer

  •  Phillips AED Trainer provides you a learning environment to learn the basic functions.  The realistic training scenarios provide genuine training environment, which includes CPR and shock delivery.
  • AED trainer pack includes pre-connected pads, infant/child key, and voice commands.  Using these functions will prepare you for emergency situations so that you can respond with speed and confidence.
  •  There are 8 training scenarios that are compatible with ERC/AHA guidelines. These functions will help you become familiar with the basic functions.
  •  There is an interactive learning environment to test your student’s response to a variety of situations. You also get various functions such as pause and resume. These functions can be remotely controlled to allow you to change scenarios on the fly.
  •  Phillips AED trainer is language configurable, giving you the flexibility to train in a wide range of diverse languages.  
Those were some of the impressive features of Phillips AED trainer. Visit- if you are looking for quality AED equipment online at affordable prices. It is a go-to reference for reliable and affordable life-saving equipment.  Visit the website today to buy AED equipment online.